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July 23, 2018

We live in Royal Palm Beach and we did our homework, researched different companies and asked for recommendations from other pool owners. Only 2 companies responded to do an estimate. One company had a lot of fluff but some of the material was questionable. They were $5k cheaper than Sunsational. We chose Sunsational Pools back in May. Their office/showroom is impressive and Scott sat down with us and explained everything. NO HIGH PRESSURE SALES! Wow are we impressed! We were given a 6 week window from digging the hole to finish. I was skeptical but bam! Right on the money. All of the people that have been here were very professional, the material topnotch and no corners cut. The site was cleaned up after each phase. We found some minor things wrong (chipped tile, uneven gate) but all of it was fixed within a day. I highly recommend them. My wife and I have been very, very impressed with Sunsational!

July 22, 2016

This is the first time I write a review of a company or some service, but I want my experience to help new clients who want to build a new pool or make some renovations. When I make the decision to build my pool, I contacted a couple of companies, but since Sunsational came to my house I knew that they were the right ones and I’m not wrong. The whole process was quick and easy and the pool was built in record time, only two months including the permit process. Communicatio…n with the staff the company is excellent, any small detail was solved as soon as possible and they are always willing to help with any inconvenience. The emails are answered in record time and whenever phone calls or texts respond with the appropriate solution. The quality of the work is first and the final result is impeccable. I want to thank all the staff of the company and especially Zach, Rose, Scott, Lynda and April who were the people with whom as communication I have had for the professionalism and the good treatment to the client.

Satisfied client

Eduardo Sotolongo.

July 22, 2016

Dear Julie (and Team),

I wanted to say thank you for the pool and backyard that Sunsational delivered to our family. From the day we met I knew that you and your team would do an outstanding job. From the start everything was delivered as promise both on time and delivered correctly. It was a pleasure to work with your entire team (I don’t want to leave anyone out so I am not mentioning names). Everyone was always pleasant to speak with and always communicated along the way. Everyday the workers were out at our home they were very professional, pleasant and ALWAYS cleaned up at the end of the workday. Never once did the community say anything about the construction mess. My wife and I have built 2 swimming pools in the past 5 years with other companies. This was our 3rd. Our experience with Sunsational far exceeded my expectations and far exceeded what was delivered to us by other pool builders. We couldn’t be happier with the choice we made to build with Sunsational. Thank you again

Bruce and Rachel Tannenholz

July 22, 2016

Dear Sunsational Team,

I am writing this to tell you how happy I have been in choosing you guys to build my pool. This is my third pool build and by far the best. The time frame was only 6 weeks until complete and the service from every person on the job was superb. Even after the completion their follow up was surprising as they already were paid in full(most just ignore you). Most companies take months to respond about tiny details but not Sunsational. One email/call was all that was needed and thing were completed as promised. Just thought your entire team needed and quick shout out to say every pool company should use you as an example for the entire industry!

Thanks for my family’s pool!

Cary S.

July 10, 2016

“Sunsational Experience”

I don’t typically write online reviews as its rarely when a company surpasses my expectations, but felt my experience with Sunsational would be my 1st review.

So, as I finished interviewing my 6th pool builder for my new home which has a small courtyard back creating some space/design challenges, each left me disappointed as each had very similar simple designs, but timelines and costs were all over the place.When I met with Julie I knew I had someone unique as “7th was the charm” Julie spent time asking me about my family and our interests and took in the homes layout /design and within minutes advised me what we needed to do within my targeted budget, as she walked me through her Tropical/Free-Form ideas. We loved them and gave her full permission to continue to create.

What she came back with days later was perfect, not only the design was fantastic, her timeline and costs were not only competitive but better than most. Julie brings a strong attitude, knowledge, confidence, and experience that made me comfortable to move forward with her, keep in mind I am an Executive Construction Manager by Career so meeting my standards is not easy and she actually surpassed them.

When I met her team and visited her showroom, I can say that same attitude carried over to them, including her husband and son who were a huge help to me with the landscaping challenges and overseeing of the build-out/trades (which all trades were also committed and very loyal to Julie). Julie advised me the construction period from ground breaking to blue water/inspections would only take 5 weeks and I would be swimming on the 5th week, she met those expectations and beat it by 1 day including the quality controls I expected.

I have personally hired/built a few pools for my homes in the past and each were very challenging, but this experience was FANTASTIC from start to finish for me and my family, thanks to Julie and her team. I highly recommend Sunsational Pools for all your back yard needs as their capacity to perform a turnkey yard creation is exceptional to other builders in my opinion.

Thank you Julie for my backyard transformation.

March 24, 2016

Sunsational Family!

We are writing to thank you for the spectacular job you did in building our pool and deck area. It has been a huge blessing to our family.

When we first set out to build our pool, we carefully researched company after company. But none measured up to what we were looking for. When we finally found Sunsational, we knew instantly that your company was different. We were immediately struck by the one-on-one, personalized care and attention we received. Your team was patient, knowledgeable, and courteous from day one.

Professional service with a personal touch, absolutely! The owner, Ms. Julie, was a pleasure to do business with and offered expert guidance and tasteful recommendations for everything. Our backyard space was limited yet, of course, we wanted all the bells and whistles! Sunsational came up with an incredible design. The result? A BEAUTIFUL pool and deck that was perfectly suited to our taste and lifestyle. We always get compliments as to how beautiful and seamless everything looks.

What’s also amazing is that it took Sunsational only 4 WEEKS to complete the job!! Nearly all the companies we had called told us it would take at least 3 months! In fact, we became more and more aware of the pools going up around our community and noticed that many times there would be days without anything happening. Not with Sunsational. Something was happening every single day. The work was top notch, the crew was always pleasant and professional, and everything was efficiently completed. Whenever we’d encounter a possible roadblock, they diligently worked to solve things and the outcome was always a success.

Also impressive was that one of the owners was overseeing our project on site from day one. It wasn’t relayed to a third or fourth person down the totem pole. No, we had their top guy, Ron Kellar, who did an outstanding job!

The whole team was incredible. Joanna was our life-line from start to finish. We are so grateful for all that she did… she was like command central! She expertly managed appointments, inspections, and all the million and one things that go along with a project this size.

Our admiration and respect also goes out to owner, Julie Whitehead. She was kind, smart, personable, very experienced, and above all, cared about what our family needed. She guided us through decisions to be made. She listened to what we were looking for and she delivered it, 100 percent!

Also important to us has been the support we’ve received long after the pool was built. If we have any questions about operating the pool, cleaning, or anything, Sunsational is always a phone call or email away. They’ve responded to our needs and questions just as they did when they were first building our pool. It truly is not just a company, but more like a family. We applaud Sunsational for setting the bar so high!

We have already recommended Sunsational to our friends and will continue doing so. There are plenty of horror stories out there when it comes to pool construction. Sunsational is without a doubt one of the rare few that rises to the top. We are so thankful that we found them.

It’s no small undertaking to hand over your backyard to someone to build you a pool. Sunsational made our first time pool building experience an awesome one! You have earned our trust and respect, hands down. You have given us not just a pool. But you’ve given us a warm, inviting way to fellowship and bless our family and friends. Our little girls, now 4 years and 20 months old, are swimming like little fish. All the sweet additions you encouraged us to have, like the bubbler, the sun deck, and the raised hot tub with the flowing stream… are now sources of immense joy and fun for our family! It warms our hearts to know that the people behind our pool cared about every detail, and went above and beyond to make sure things turned out perfectly.

Thank you, Sunsational!

Warm regards always,

The Sittons, Jupiter FL

January 22, 2016

Dear Joanna,

Joe is coming by today to have us sign the contract, we are finally pulling the trigger!! Jeff and I just wanted to say thank you.. We are really excited about using Sunsational. You were so attentive, informative and patient with us through these last few months. We greatly appreciated all the help and not being pressured. We are looking forward to our new backyard and working with you and everyone from Sunsational the next few months.

Thanks again,

Stephanie and Jeff Rupp

November 15, 2015

Dear Joanna,

I wanted to send this letter personally thanking you for doing such a great job on my new swimming pool.

I was promised that it would take 6 weeks to build my new pool, and Sunsational delivered it on time. Everyone within the company was extremely helpful, and always willing to help. I know I was not the easiest client to deal with, but that never changed the quality of service that was received. Working with Sunsational was certainly a pleasurable experience. I felt that I was dealing with individuals with tremendous integrity, and a ton of knowledge.

The product is exactly what I wanted for my home!

Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Thank you again,

Vito DeMonte

September 14, 2015

After going through and meeting about 7 or 8 different pool companies, we finally decided on giving Sunsational Pools & Spas the chance. Everyone from Julie the owner down to the guys that came to do the dig were professional and courteous. Julie even brought us to her home to show us her own pool. Joanna the project manager was great. She kept us informed during every step of the process and was great at handling my 1500 phone calls and emails to her. 🙂 There were absolutely no hold ups over the course of the VERY SHORT 6 WEEKS it took for them to build our 19′ x 30′ free form pool. It’s unheard of to build a pool that fast, yet they did. I would highly recommend using this company to build your pool and I would use them again in a heart beat.

Steve H.

May 12, 2015

From: John and Belinda Manuel

RE: Sunsational Pool and Spas, FL

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing a testimony on the fantastic work that the pool builder, known as Sunsational Pool and Spas, have accomplished. Since March 26, 2015 to May 09, 2015, this company has shown nothing but utmost professionalism, flexibility, and one-on-one customer care that anyone should expect from a top-notch company.

One of the best things about this amazing pool building experience was the communication. From day one, Ms. Julie and Ms. Joanna were in constant communication with us regarding every detail of the build and its step-by-step, day-to-day procedures. Every time a question was raised, the staff was readily available with the answers sought. Needless to say, this flow of communication helped alleviate a large amount of stress.

Another aspect of the company that is head- and-shoulders above the competition is the work ethic. Every day, Sunsational’s staff worked from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM with hardly a break. I only counted four days where there was not a representative from Sunsational present or that work was not being completed. And this was due to inclement weather. Once the weather cleared, the company was right back to work with a vengeance. The point is that Sunsational stuck by their word to complete the whole project within four to five weeks. And with someone’s word amounting to little these days, it was refreshing to know that there are companies out there that still strive to keep their promise.

But as we all know as consumers, usually the one thing we really gauge a purchasing experience on is the customer service. What I appreciated the most was the lack of “pushiness”. From the time my wife and I stepped foot in Sunsational’s design studio and then again in their landscaping area with Mr. Scott, it was about “us” and “what we wanted”. There was no overbearing sales pitches or in-your-face “you gotta have this or your pool will suck” speeches. The whole experience was about what we wanted with advice here and there when it was warranted. Because of this outstanding customer service, Sunsational easily kept us within the budget we set without sacrificing any of the customizations we were looking for.

The true pleasure and satisfaction came on May 07, 2015. The pool was completed, but my family still had to wait at least two days prior to “testing the waters”. I was sitting outside enjoying at what had just been built when my dog started barking. I looked over and saw a couple with their two children walking up to the new fence. The couple introduced themselves as neighbors that lived about a block down who were also building a pool and started around the same time we did, though they did not have Sunsational building theirs. The two proceeded to tell me how every time they drove past my home, they would catch a glimpse of the pool and landscaping, saw how hard the company staff was working, saw how beautiful it was shaping up to be, and wanted to ask if they could see the build. Well they finally got the nerve and came up. They were not disappointed in the least. What surprised them was how fast Sunsational could complete such a “beautiful” project in the timeframe that they did (their company had still not done the Diamondbrite). Before leaving, the couple expressed that if they had to do it all over again, they would have gone with Sunsational Pool and Spas.

I can go on and on touting about how great this experience was for my family, but it’s best to leave it at this: If you come to a decision to build a beautiful pool with gorgeous landscaping (Sunsational Pool and Spas is a one stop shop!) in the Palm Beach County area, just save yourself the trouble and hours of looking and researching and go straight to Sunsational’s website.

February 11, 2015

Description Of Work:

They constructed a pool and spa—complete with an overhead screen. Prior to selecting SUNSATIONAL, we had solicited bids from six (6) other pool companies and ended up deciding on SUNSATIONAL based upon recommendations from other people who had used SUNSATIONAL as well as their bid prices and the answers to questions we had asked them. In short, for an investment of this magnitude, we needed to feel ‘right’ about the company BEFORE we awarded the bid to them. They did not disappoint us in terms of delivering what they had promised to provide…within the time frames of the contract…at the prices they had quoted! We now have a pool and spa with which we can be proud to own and SUNSATIONAL has provided follow-up service to correct any problems which have surfaced following completion of the MAJOR CONSTRUCTION PROJECT.

Approximate Cost: $82,565.00

S. Snyder

January 21, 2015

Dear Sunsational Team !

I wanted to send a note of thanks! My pool is complete and it more beautiful than I expected!

We spent quite awhile researching pool companies before making a decision on who would build our pool. From the beginning of the design to the final details, Sunsational has gone over and above what I expected. What a pleasant surprise to work with a company that actually does what it says it will do.

You have MORE than exceeded our expectations. You are trustworthy, meticulous, and just a down to earth company that functions as a family and treat your customers as family.

Every single employee that I have dealt with was a delight and if we changed our mind at the last minute, they jumped through hoops to make it happen.

Thank you so much for such a pleasant experience; it’s a rare thing these days.

We would recommend Sunsational Pools to anyone so feel free to use us as a reference!!

Thanks again!

Rene and Linda Morales

December 19, 2014

Hi Joanna

Merry Christmas to me haha! This is one fantastic gift. So excited at how gorgeous the water n the pool tiles n diamond Brite look! We couldn’t be happier. The quick follow up, the speediness of getting this accomplished in a month, if not less, amazes me. The hard hours and work your team put in to get this done for Christmas we are so thankful for. It looks amazing I love my mosaic turtles what a cute touch! My daughter loves her turtles. I love the sound of the waterfall so soothing and so pretty over the glass. I’ll send you some construction pics now as well. But many many thanks to you and your team and wishing you all a holiday filled with a lot of love, laughter and joy! Please share this with your team.

Thank you!
Michelle Matushin and family!

October27, 2014

Have had our new pool built buy Sunsational Pools and Spas now for around two months. Could not be any happier with it! a professional and very fast job was done and we were informed of what was taking place throughout the whole process. Joanna and Ron were very helpful and practically insisted that I call them everyday, which I did! 😉 not only was the building of the pool done exceptionally well and fast, they have also been great in terms of follow up help, any slightly sunken pavers as they settle are re seated, my ineptitude of how to work the pool system, filters etc has had them come over to teach me on a few occasions and they were more than helpfull in that department. I would (and have) recommend this company to anyone that wants a pool, they actually care about what they do and after doing some searching before finding Sunsational I can tell you that’s a pretty rare thing with most pool companies out there. If you want a pool, use Sunsational Pools and Spas!!!

Thanks from Christee and Andy, two happy customers!

August 19, 2014

Dear Joanna and Sunsational Pools:

What a pleasure it has been, thus far, working with you and your caring, hard-working crew.

You have been wonderful informing us about “the next step” and when it will take place. You’ve been wonderful in ‘working with us on ‘our time’ because of the existing addition we had going on. You guys applied for the permit, as soon as the contract was signed, there was no dilly dallying….what a pleasure already and the ground was not even broke.

Day 1: Joe was here most of the day, directing, overseeing and answering any questions and a pleasure to have around during the extremely busy, wonderful day!!

The crew who dug around the formed perimeter (while the digger was doing its job), then laid the boards and rebar around, were exceptionally wonderful too. They stayed on the job and look what got done in one day (see attached)!! You have hard workers who are dedicated to staying until the day’s job is done.

Day 2 – City has come for the inspection. No time is wasted! … and guess what? They signed off. (see attached pic). We are not surprised…just extremely grateful we selected the best pool company out there.

Thank you sincerely.

That was written on August 19, 2014 — today, October 16, 2014, nothing has changed…except the pool..which is totally completed and we’re using and loving it daily!

Sunsational Pools is the best! They kept us informed every step of the process. They did what they said they would do and on a timely fashion.

My husband and I have been in a family business for 30 years and take much pride in pleasing the customer, and we can say, Sunsational Pools has done the same. What a pleasure doing business with this company.

Please use our name for recommendation(s) if you need it, as we are so grateful we went with you.

Thank you!

Bill & Jeannie Potter

October 6, 2014

Re: Letter of Recommendation

It is a true pleasure to write this Letter of Recommendation for Sunsational Pools & Spas.

As a former network news investigative reporter, I spent a large portion of my career working on investigative reports about unethical and deceptive contractors and especially pool contractors who promise the world and deliver nothing but headaches, bills, and broken dreams. Like many homeowners, my wife and I were extremely cautious when we signed on the dotted line with Sunsational Pools and Spas. We interviewed several pool contractors. Today, I can honestly say selecting Sunsational Pools was one of the smartest decisions we have ever made. What an incredible team—with unmatched dedication, customer service, and attention to detail. Our project was an incredible success.

Our custom pool construction called for extreme coordination, attention to detail, and no margin for errors or budget overruns. At the exact same time we were building the pool, less than one foot away, we were installing a large 100-foot concrete addition on to the back of our home. Julie, Ron, and Joanna worked like air traffic controllers to coordinate crews from two different firms. Despite 90-days of torrential rain, somehow they made sure the project stayed on budget and hit all deadlines.

To say, we are delighted and thrilled with the craftsmanship and final product would be an understatement. Our pool and patio looks like a picture from the cover of Better Homes and Gardens. Julie and Ron said something early on during our project that really sums up their work ethic, “We treat every project like it’s our own personal home and if this was my home… I would want the work to be perfect.“ Our project is about as close to perfect as possible.

Even after the project was completed Julie, Ron, and Joanna were not happy with the quality of the Hawaiian Blue finish in our pool. At Sunsational’s own expense, ($3000) they drained the pool and had the entire bottom of our pool refinished. What an improvement! One month later when I pointed out a small imperfection on the pool’s sun shelf, Ron was in our pool the next day fixing the problem. He said, “I want this pool to be perfect.” Many contractors would have washed their hands of these minor issues…but that is not how Sunsational works. Joanna Potter as Office Manager is a true delight. Joanna is responsible for coordinating all repairs after the project is completed. Her attention to detail is incredible. Again, any issue is addressed in a prompt courteous manner where the “customer is always right.” I have called Joanna at 10PM on a Friday night and she has returned the call in minutes. At Sunsational Pools, it is all about customer service!

I began this project with a very jaded perspective of the construction trades but after working with the team at Sunsational Pools, I can honestly say this project restored my faith. You will simply not find a more dedicated, honest, hard working and caring team of professionals. My wife and I today consider Julie, Ron, and Joanna as friends that we trust to make the right call on our pool. Every decision Julie and Ron made on this project was correct and because of their experience and judgment, we have an incredible pool and patio in our backyard.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or for additional accolades about Sunsational Pools at my office (561) 512-0002. Selecting Sunsational Pools & Spas will be one of the smartest decisions you ever make! Good luck on your Sunsational project!

David & Karen S.
Jupiter, FL

January 5, 2014

There were 5 crew members and it took about 4 days to complete. They were very professional and they met the schedule and time frames perfectly. I really like the results of the deck and I feel like I can really use it.

Joe B.

June 12, 2014

Sunsational Pools,

Just wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you for the beautiful pool that you guys/gals installed at our home here in the acreage. Everything looks so gorgeous and came together beautifully. I have had several neighbors stop by and comment on how great the pool looks. Especially, the travertine marble patio and Hawaiian blue diamond brite. The workmanship is excellent, price is fair, and we are very pleased with the pool.

Not knowing what to expect with our first pool, my wife and I had a lot of questions. The team at Sunsational has been awesome at answering our questions, alleviating out concerns/worries, and a very professional organization.

We want to say thank you to Julie, Ron, Joanna, Linda, Zach, Joe, and the entire team.

Stephen and Rosa Adams

March 11, 2014

Thank you Joanna for the fast response. You guys are amazing. Your customer service and timely response is exceptional. Many companies are great during the sales and construction process, but only a few separate themselves from the pack. Your levels of service and honoring warranty issues is impressive. Always remember that you can use my name as a reference. I will recommend your company to anyone with great confidence. Please share this with Julie and Ron.

Thank you,
David R.
Royal Palm Beach

November 7, 2013

Dear Julie,

I decided to build a pool to enhance and enjoy Florida living. How do you choose a company out of so many. Many of my friends had pools and many recommended their builder. I received numerous estimates.

After research and careful consideration, I chose Sunsational Pool. Why? Julie, the owner of the company, created a design that was unique. Having listened to what we wanted, she was able not only to create our vision, but greatly enhance it. All this was done within our budget and exceeded our expectations as to what extras we could afford.

The pool was constructed in a timely manner. Careful consideration not to intrude on my neighbors and minimal intrusion on my property was foremost on their mind. Sunsational has an ongoing commitment to service and quality which has allowed my family to enjoy a truly beautiful and trouble free pool.

Kudos to Sunsational.
William F.

October 22, 2013

Dear Joanna,

We just wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for your knowledge and your kindness. It was a pleasure to meet you and have you assess our pool’s problems. Actually, we never thought from the appearance of our stained and uneven surface that the pool would look as it does now.

Each crew that arrived were professional and polite and got thejob done promptly and in the amount of time explained to us during the estimate appointment. We agreed that the price was in our range and with a ten year guarantee on the diamondbrite too good to pass up. We needed the work done for over a year but were hesitant because of the condition of the pool and what the expenses might be. The pool had lumps, bumps, waves in the base construction and stains that had came through the thin diamondbrite so the crews had their jobs cut out for them. The finished results are totally amazing! The pool is smooth and the color is even like a new pool. It is a pleasure to swim now and to show off our incredible light show functions. Contacting you is as easy as an email with prompt response and we appreciate that.

Thank you again for the entire experience and our beautiful pool, we would recommend Sunsational Pools and Spas to all of our friends and neighbors.

Jim and Deb M.

November 19, 2012

Dear Julie,

Thank you so much for the fabulous job you did on the spa and pool. You and your staff have exceeded my expectations. I knew when I first met you that this project was going to be a winner and you would do it first rate, and you have.

Thanks for the great experience and an awesome spa and pool. Please feel free to provide my name to future clients as a reference.

Thanks again.
Jonathan G.

November 16, 2012

Dear Julie,

This letter is long overdue, because of some unforeseen circumstances.

At this time all is well and I am enjoying my backyard as I never have before. I had interviewed several pool companies and upon meeting you and listening to your explicit details which included drawings and wonderful ideas. I knew I had finished shopping!

You then, without knowing I made up my mind, proceeded to take the following day and show about six or seven pools that you had built. One of which was your own. One pool was more beautiful than the other. (Needless to say, I was impressed.)

I wanted to thank you for giving me a date upon completion and living up to your word.

I want to thank you for all the fine young men who worked diligently and happily every day. I wanted to thank your Secretary who was especially kind each time I called. Actually I can never thank you enough for being such a good business woman and confirming that it takes a woman to do the job and get it done right.

One more thing, Please feel free to show my pool a an example of your beautiful work.

With much appreciation,
Rosemarie B.

November, 2012

Sunsational did my pool and I love it…Very professional and got the job done. It looks beautiful!!!

Sally Jane Davis K.

November, 2012

Special thanks for Julie, Ron, and the rest of the Sunsational Pool Team for completely transforming our backyard. 2500 Sq ft of travertine, Coping, Pool, diamond-brite, kid fence, fountains and complete backyard makeover…all completed in just nine days! Not your typical Florida pool contractor company. Amazing work! Thank you again.

Jurgen C.

February, 2012

I can HIGHLY recommend Sunsational Pools. They have done excellent work, completed the job on time, and been very responsive to our questions. Julie may have told you that we did an extensive renovation of a large 40 year old pool and surrounding deck. We obtained bids from 4 contractors before proceeding with Sunsational and it was the best decision we could have made. Julie and her staff were very helpful in designing our new patio and selecting materials for the pool and the deck. They were upfront about any construction concerns that might arise during renovation before the contract was signed, kept us advised about the construction schedule, helped us to stay within our targeted budget, and always conducted themselves in a very professional manner. Our pool and patio look fabulous as a result. You would be well served if you decide to go with them.


February, 2012

Hi – All I can say is – working with Julie was “BETTER THAN GOOD”. There really is nothing my husband and I can complain about. Everything that Julie said she would do – was done. She was wonderful and so very pleasant to deal with. The workmanship was topnotch. Clean, efficient, professional, and timely. We were very pleased with the outcome. We were so impressed with her work ethics, that after our pool and deck were completed, we had her do the plantings around the pool and deck area for us as she also has her own garden supply facility.

If you decide to have Julie do the work for you, we do believe that you will be very satisfied.

Anita & Syl

November 20, 2009

Loic and I wanted you to know how pleased we are with our new pool. Julie was a gem to work with, professional and knowledgeable. She helped us with the design and worked around some structural limitations, for a final product that exceeded our expectations.

Ron was here everyday, usually no later than 7:30 a.m. without fail, either supervising or getting his hands dirty and working right along side the employees to ensure everything was properly done. Scott also did an amazing job with our landscaping, and according to many of our neighbors our yard is the envy of the neighborhood!

We have built 5 pools in the last 20 years and this has by far been the best experience….and in only 21 days as PROMISED! (even with several days of bad weather)
So again, we would like to thank you for a wonderful job, and we wish you well-deserved continued success in your business.

Loic and Carol

September 27, 2008

Dear Julie and Ron,

We would like to take this opportunity to commend you both for the professional work you did constructing our spa-exercise pool. We are thrilled with the new and enjoyable experience in our daily lives.

The building process was kept to the promised schedule. You were both available at all times during the construction as well as afterwards to fine tune what was needed, and the final project was to perfection.

With pleasure we definitely recommend your services to your future customers.

Eileen and Jerry F.

May 14, 2008


I want to take this time to thank you for the recent work you and your company “Sunsational Pools” completed. The purchase of a pool is a very hard decision and you have to feel comfortable with the people that perform the work. Sunsational Pools made the pool-building experience a pleasurable one. The entire project from day of the dig to the day we began swimming in the pool only took a short period of time. The work was timely and at the cost that was contracted. There were no surprises. I would highly recommend you and your company “Sunsational Pools” to anyone that would like to build a pool or spa. Thanks you for the beautiful pool you built for my family.

Amy and Michael R.

April 4, 2008

Dear Julie,

Thank you for a job well done, Our new driveway is the envy of my neighbors.

The crews who did the grading, poured the concrete and laid the pavers could not have been nicer and especially in the case of the pavers, pride was evident in their work.
The work was completed on time and within the established budget and I would welcome any of your new and perspective clients to inspect this project.

Again, I want to thank you and Ron for your professionalism and your patience in dealing with my wife and me and I would be pleased to recommend you any time.

Richard P.

August 6, 2007

To whom it may concern:

We wish to take the opportunity to express the positive experience that myself and my parents experienced in regards to two (2) pools and decks that were designed with accuracy by Julie Whitehead and then constructed to our complete satisfaction.

We found Julie to be knowledgeable, dependable and reliable during the course of the construction. She participated in each stage of progression and further demonstrated fairness and honesty regarding the written terms and conditions of the contract.

Should a verbal recommendation be required, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Sincerely yours,
Donna M.

Online Reviews

Eduardo Palacio

1st pool and the experience was top of the line!! Support was on point, always answered my dumb questions and the results have been amazing. We would recommend them to anyone and everyone! So happy!

Steven Kress

I just wanted to say sunsational is a great company. They treated my mom with such respect and built her a wonderful pool. Nothing but good things to say.

Karen Gloutney

Sunsationalpoolsandspas did a sunsational job with our custom made spa. We just love our back patio! The people were all wonderful and that includes the landscaping crew. I highly recommend this company if you are considering a pool and or spa.

Kinsey Harris

Wow!!! I cannot say enough about how great this project turned out! Our pool reno turned out exactly how I explained!! Customer service was on point and everything turned out gorgeous. Thank you!! Definitely Recommend!

Ethan Howell

I had a heater installed yesterday for an existing pool. They were very responsive from my initial request for a quote and followed through with the installation quickly and professionally. I will definitely use them again in the future.

Teresa Burkacki

Thanks so much to Sunsational Pools. I couldn't get my outside pool filter sealed. I called and Roman came out and got it done in minutes. I asked him what I owed and he said nothing. I was floored!!! Shop Mom and Pops guys!!! Their here all Year long.

Kinsey Harris

Wow!!! I cannot say enough about how great this project turned out! Our pool reno turned out exactly how I explained!! Customer service was on point and everything turned out gorgeous. Thank you!! Definitely Recommend!

Justin Thompson

I could not be happier with the results of my new pool. Zach and the team at Sunsational Pools are awesome to work with from the design through the permitting process to the construction and ultimately to the firing up of the pool they were great. Anytime I had a question even after the pool was finished they have responded quickly and been helpful.

David Jackson

We are extremely happy we went with Sunsational Pools, they were very efficient without any issues, EVERYTHING was on point!
- Throughout the process, they worked very closely with us and allowed for modifications to the initial designs.
- They were always available to answer questions, we could always get a hold of someone, and was kept up to date - at all times.
- The travertine material was beautiful and professionally installed.
- The pool dig and construction went perfectly smooth.
- And thanks to Carlos, our irrigation was fixed/installed and his landscaping suggestions were GREAT!!

Julie, the owner, took the time to make sure all of our questions were answered, this is a very well-run company you can trust.

Thank you, to the Sunsational Pools team for delivering a beautiful pool and backyard !!

Keren Aydogan

We had interviewed numerous companies, and no one came, stood out, and above every other company as did Sunsational Pools and spa.

Julie, is a terrific lady, with incredible knowledge, charisma, and pulls no punches. She goes straight to the point, and her word is her honor. I value her opinion, as well as her magnificent team. The girls in the office are on point, as well as Duncan, Zach, and Jeremy. I have never felt as worry free as I have with this company. They come through when they tell you they will, the work incredibly clean, and super meticulous.

if I should ever need another pool, Julie will be the person and ONLY person I go to. I HIGHLY recommend this company, and their entire staff. you will not be disappointed.